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Welcome to Playology Therapy!

About Playology

Playology is a Pediatric Occupational Therapy clinic that provides children with the therapeutic tools and the sensory strategies they need to reach their developmental potential. The way your child plays, problem-solves, and learns is essential to their overall growth. Playology uses the strategy of playing on purpose to assist your child in achieving independence in their activities of daily living. Ongoing parental education, custom support, and innovative resources are part of our success plan.

Kids Dancing

Welcome Our New Partner

We are delighted to partner with Fitly Spoken LLC for Speech and Language Pathology services


Teletherapy Provided

Self-pay available and  in-network insurances accepted
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Download the New Patient Packet

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Playology Therapy! Please click the link to  download the new patient packet.

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