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What is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy (OT) uses a skilled therapeutic approach to support the development of children with special needs. Playology utilizes an individualized approach to pediatric occupational therapy, providing each child with personalized therapy sessions to help them reach their goals.

Children’s primary “occupation” is play. At Playology we “play on purpose” which means we engage your child in meaningful and fun activities that are designed to support them in achieving their developmental goals.

If you observe that a child seems to be challenged with:

  • Poor balance skills

  • Difficulty participating in play with other children

  • Poor organizational skills

  • Easily distracted during school

  • Frequent outbursts or meltdowns in behavior

  • Clumsy and awkward movements

  • Weak hand muscles resulting in difficulty writing/coloring

  • Unable to self-regulate

  • Often on the “move”

To ensure that each child achieves their developmental goals, the parent is invited into both the custom treatment planning as well as the therapy process. As needed, Playology will discuss with the parent, refer to, and collaborate with other clinical disciplines, i.e, speech pathology, to optimize their child’s treatment outcomes.

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